Field Service Technician

Responsibilities include: 

* Provide customer support at work site with equipment start-up.  

* Provide technical support and troubleshooting through continuous monitoring systems, including 24 x 7 on call service when scheduled. 

* Services provided are technical troubleshooting air compressors, to include piston type, flooded screw, one and two stage compressors, capacity control systems, oil free screw type and oil free scroll compressors, vacuum pump compressors and centrifugal compressors. 

* Provide technical service for high pressure dual stage and 3 stage drill compressors; this includes inspection, diagnosis, and maintenance of drilling equipment.  

* Provide technical service in treatment of compressed air, which includes refrigeration type of air dryers, thermal mass, regenerative, and absorption.  

* Provide technical service in cooling systems, cooling towers, water quality management and care, PH, particular matter and reverse osmosis.  

* Provide technical service in pneumatic and electronic control systems, steeper motors, adjustment and regulation of control systems, modulation, spiral valve, variable speed, and guide vanes.  

* Provide technical service in control systems, air compressor controllers, supervisor II, supervisor DLX II, senergy, airmaster, WS supervisor, supervisor controller, STS touch pad controller; this includes diagnosis, programming, adjustment and repair of electronic controllers, power sources and phase monitors. 

* High level understanding microprocessors as to programming, setting up and downloading parameters.  

* Provide technical service in electrical and electronic systems applied to industrial control. 

* Provide technical service diagnosis and repair of electric motors DC or alternating current, and both synchronous type and asynchronous type.  

* Provide technical service for portable compressors with diesel engines in regards to engine operations, fuel systems, air purification systems and general operation of portable equipment both high and low pressure systems.  

* Provide calculations of compressed air networks, design, preparation and improvement of compressed air distribution of air compressed piping networks and their install.  

Special requirements: factory technician certification required; proficient in Microsoft word and excel; knowledge of microprocessor, knowledge of microprocessor software and applications. 

Minimum education: high school degree or equivalent; minimum 48 months work experience in Air Compressor Technician or related field.  

Salary: $45,843.00/year. 

Worksite location: 8640 Panair St., Houston, Texas 77061.

Please send resumes to worksite location or by email to [email protected]