Sullair of Houston is one of the largest independent air compressor distributors of Sullair’s full line of stationary and portable industrial air compressors. We carry an extensive inventory of electrical and diesel air compressor products.

Electric Air Compressors

Sullair Single-Stage air compressors use a rugged, time-proven design for optimum performance with minimal maintenance. Featuring the proven Sullair air end, you can count on the Sullair Single-Stage for reliable continuous-duty performance.

  • Broad Operating Range
  • Superior Package Design
  • Premium Efficient Motor

Sullair of Houston has a full line of Electric Air Compressors.

SULLAIR Single-stage Air Compressor

Portable & Diesel Air Compressors

You have high demands for your compressed air system—Sullair makes machines for you. For more than 50 years, Sullair has built a reputation for reliability and durability. Add to that unprecedented performance, and you have the perfect solution for your business.

Sullair of Houston has a full line of Portable Air Compressors.

Sullair Portable Air Compressors

Air Tools

Air tools are driven by compressed air instead of batteries or electricity. Sullair’s compressed air tools are the choice of pros due to their reliability, durability, and incredible power. Homeowners, builders and mechanics turn to Sullair of Houston for all their air-powered tool needs.

Our broad selection of air tools has unprecedented performance and is the perfect solution for your needs.

Reliability. Durability. Performance.

These are the pillars that drive Sullair compressors’ quality. It’s a promise we keep with every product we make.

Sullair of Houston has a full line of Compressed Air Tools.

Sullair Houston Air Tools

Contaminant Removal Systems for Industrial Air Compressors

Energy-Saving Technology Meets Stable Dew Point

Sullair Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers focus on efficient design, energy-saving technology, and stable dew point in all operating conditions.

  • Unique heat exchanger designed for minimum pressure drop and gravitational self-cleaning
  • Hot gas bypass for stable dew point in all operating conditions
  • Integrated SULLIMAX™ drain for reliable condensate discharge and maximum energy savings\

Sullair of Houston has a complete line of contaminant removal systems.

Sullair Cycling Refrigerated Dryer

Rotary Screw Vacuum Systems

Sullair Hospital Suction Packages (HSP) are specifically designed to provide a continuous vacuum for hospital applications. Manufactured from the proven rotary screw vacuum system of Sullair, these pumps meet or exceed the requirements for packaged vacuum pumps per NFPA 99: Health Care Facilities Code, 2015 Edition. Simplex packages have a capacity range from 78 to 1000 acfm (2.2 to 28.3 m³/min); duplex packages are available from 78 to 300 acfm (2.2 to 8.5 m³/min) per pump. HSP systems are warranted for two years. All packages are equipped with baseload transfer switches for alternating purposes.

Sullair of Houston has a complete line of vacuum air compressors.

Sullair Vacuum System Air Compressor VS-16

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